Tuesday, 15 June 2021


Kia ora and welcome back to my blog ! Today's Maths lesson is focusing on fractions and decimals . In this task I had to add, convert all fractions . Enjoy my Maths Task !

WALT : Understand different units of measure and the context in which they are used 

Monday, 14 June 2021

Speech preparation !


Today we were introduced to SPEECHES ! Over the past few weeks we're going to be learing  how to deliver a speech in front of a audience . More to come !

Kid Pres Link Click on this link to see the Video from Kid President (How to change the world ! )

Friday, 11 June 2021

Mighty Maroons !


State of Origin 2021

Live Wednesday, 9th June 10:00 pm sharp was kickoff for the first match for 

 ‘ State of Origin 2021 ‘ which was held in Townsville Stadium . The stadium was packed with crowds of Qld supporters cheering for their team, on the other side of the stadium was also packed with Nsw supporters roaring with cheers . This is what everyone has been
waiting for, 

3, 2, 1 ( whistle blows ) kickoff has started !

The 2021  State of Origin series is the 40th annual best-of-three series between the Queensland and New South Wales rugby league teams . Before this series, Queensland has taken the cup and won 22 times, and New South Wales has won 15 times . Last year the mighty maroons took on the win so lets hope they do it again .

Yesterday in the 1st match of Origin 2021, NSW won the first match 50 - 6 . In my opinion I really liked the lineout for Nsw, they had some amazing players that were from my favourite team Panthers , although I go for the MIGHTY MAROONS ! The captain for Qld is Daly Cherry-Evans and captain for Nsw is Boyd Cordner. Man of the match for each team was Daly Cherry-Evans ( QLD ) and Tom Trobejevic ( NSW ) .

Overall I think all teams did well, even though Nsw won the first match I’m confident that Qld can have a come-back. Nsw get ready for the next match cause THE MIGHTY MAROONS are coming for ya ! (cough, cough we’re gnr win)

What team are you supporting this year ? 

The Mighty Maroons or the Blitzing Blues !

Friday, 4 June 2021



To all the people that may not be familiar with Fiafia at Pt England School, here is what to know. Yesterday 3rd of June on a Thursday, Pt England school held there Fiafia night at 5:30 pm . The crowd was really packed and filled with Whanau and previous students that came to Pt England school . Many cheers throughout all the performances that were presented to each cultural group . There were Tongan girls and boys, Samoan mixed girls and boys, Niue, Hip Hop , Choir and much more...

 I was in the Tongan girls group and we did an amazing job! I would like to say a big Thank you to Miss Rachel Kaitu'u, Miss Shaniah, Miss Tuia, Miss Tia and Ms Parrant for giving up all your time and preparing our item for Fiafia.


Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Friday, 28 May 2021

Leadership Camp 2021 - Reflection

Yr 8 Kauaeranga Valley Leadership Camp 2021

Kia ora, Malo e lelei, Talofa Lava and Many Greetings to all , as you should know the Yr 8's from Team 5 went on our Leadership Camp to Kauaeranga Valley Christian Camp ( KVCC ) Before I tell you all about our Camp, I would like to say a big thank - you to all the parent helpers and teachers that came to our camp to make sure we had a blast and keeping us safe. A big thank you to Mrs Flavell and Mrs Tele'a  who prepared our meetings that helped us be organise and ready for camp . Of course a BIG thank you to the staff at KVCC that also helped us by stepping up, getting us out of our comfort zone and preparing meals for us everyday . 

Going to this Leadership Camp was like no other, no camp like this had amazing and challenging activities like flying fox where we have to shoot ball into a big bucket for points . Paintball, Go Carts, Railway Jiggers, Camp Search, Axe Throwing, Air Riffles and The Cross fit games . There are many activities that I can choose from to mark as my Favourite Activity but I would have to pick Flying Fox with Mr Moran because on my first go I got the ball in the bucket which was a great experience . If I could choose to say which activity I found Challenging or I disliked I would choose axe throwing  because it was one of the hardest task to do because  axe was really small and hard to throw but at least I gave it a go and finally at the end got my target .