Monday, 10 August 2020

Year 7's next year


Task description: Today for our last blog post about our Yr 7's Step up programme we had to create a poster about what we want to keep, add, stop for the Yr 7's next year. We also had to include at the bottom what part of Te Whare Tapa Wha did we strengthen  on these 3 days. ENJOY! :)

Yr 7 and Yr 8's team captain's Highlights

 This morning we heard from our year 7 and year 8 leaders. Here are some of their highlights...

Yr 7's

- We came out of our comfort zone

- We worked together on activities

- Thunder were very shy at first but after the second day we gained more and more confidence

- Nina's highlight was the food

- Bradley's highlight was being a prefect while the Yr'8 were gone

Yr 8's

- That some boys were scared so they slept together

- Some of their highlights were the Go- Carts 

- They had a great time working together

- They had heaps of fun

- Paschal joked that there were ghosts which made Jez scared

Yr 7 Step Up Programme 2020

 Yr 7 Step Up Programme

Last week while the Yr 8's went to Kauaeranga Valley Camp the Yr 7's held a step up programme at school. This programme was to help the Yr 7's to step up and be leaders like our Yr 8's. We had heaps of fun doing this amazing programme, here is what we did on the 1st day....

Once the Yr 8's left, we had to meet in the streets for the teachers to tell us what we are doing and our time schedules. After that we got splitted into three groups 1- Mrs Moala, 2- Mrs Illaoa, 3- Ms Tipene, I was in Mrs Moala's Class. Once we sorted our groups we had to come up with a team name, posters, chants and a girl and boy team captain. Our team name was Thunder and our team captains were Nina and Mohammed. Once we came up with our chants we had to present it to the other teams which were Duck Life and Strikers.

After presenting our chants to everyone we had to go back into our classes and start eating our morning tea. After morning tea play time we came back into the street and started our rotations with our teachers. After doing that it was time to eat our Lunch, after play time we had to come back into the street and start our sports rotation. Each class had to split into A's and B's groups. I was in 1B and we played 3A in bull rush and that was our 1st day of the step up programme

Friday, 31 July 2020

Myths and Legends

For our quick Inquiry task we had to complete a Myths and Legends similar and difference chart. The two stories I chose are Dragon's Eye Lake (Croatia Myth) and Table Mountain (South Africa). ENJOY!! :)

Te Whare Tapa Wha: Health Goals

Task Description: Today we had to reflect back into our Te Whare Tapa Wha Work by completing a Health Goal sheet. 

Thursday, 30 July 2020

What would I do if I found $50?

For our writing task today we had to write about a topic called "What would I do if I found $50". Here is what I wrote....

My Fight by Sarah Penwarden

WALT: Summarise key ideas from a range of texts

Today in our reading lesson, we had to read a new book called My Fight by Sarah Penwarden. This book is about some school boys during maths class and then they start fighting in lunchtime as well.